Fall festival Hyundai Hanisch Dresden

The DUMMY as good-luck charm for the yearly lucky-can-raffle.
  • 500 lucky-cans!
  • Prizes at each 2nd ones!
  • Top prize of wellness weekend for two!
  • Live ix 35 presentation plus other models!
  • Test driving!
  • Music & entertainment!
  • Barbecue & homemade refeshments!
  • Fall handicrafts for kids!

For the annual fall festival Hyundai showroom Hanisch in Dresden invited his clients and guests to join and to to win together. Amazing prizes with each 2nd lucky-can were guaranteed and the top prize was a wellness weekend for two. The DUMMY as “ambassador” and “lucky-charm” got famous at all ages.

Additionally there are the possibility to join and test live the the ix 35 as well as other Hyundai models. Food and refreshments, like barbecue and homemade snacks, were available. And live music and handicrafts for the kids entertained the guests.

Event organizer: Hyundai showroom Dresden

©Text/Photos: Jensen Production