Bahrain International Circuit

On the trail of motor sport in the desert state Bahrain.

Since 2004 the Formula 1 Grand Prix is hold in Bahrain. In fact of the motor sport enthusiast Sheikh Salman Bin Hamad Bin Al Khalifa was feasible that impressive and unique construction of a race course.

Additionally to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which have lots of international visitors each year, as well as other races, like the GP2, FIA World Endurance Race, WGA Supercars…, here you have the possibility to test your strengths and fitness to drive, as well as the roadworthyness of your own car.

Deafening motors, impressive cars with love on the detail and lots of motor sport enthusiasts in a good temper and a scale of new fans – thats the result of the DUMMY by an amazing day on the race course in Bahrain.

©Text/Photos: Jensen Production