40th Anniversary of Bostoen (Belgium)

Exciting & entertaining event days in the colors and mottos of Bostoen!

Bostoen, 3rd biggest construction company in Belgium, welcomed guests, employees and his families as well as visitors to join, marvel and enjoy the 40th anniversary with lots of entertainment, like the DUMMY, performed by Jens Jensen.

At the first day the gala took place with over 500 guests at economic and politic. The guests were welcomed by the DUMMY already at the parking area, before the English double-decker bus was driven through company area to the open door.

Whether, if to the reception or to the buffet the philosophies of the company and catch words, like “Style”, “Budget”, “Energy” as well as “Everything is possible with Bostoen!” were represented and performed at ground and in the air like a common thread. JJproduction in cooperation with the Belgium event organizer Dazzle Events and the management of Bostoen was responsible for the entertainment program for the gala and the family day.

Especially to the event the productions halls were amazing turned and decorated, so that employees and the management of Bostoen to lost one’s bearings. For the gala and the forum, which included well known business partners and politicians, the rooms and halls were decorated by the colors of Bostoen (red and white) in more trouble some of detail work. and last but not least changed over night in a barbecue paradise with kids corner for the 2nd event day for he employees and their families.

Definitely the varied entertaining and artistically program, inclusive the DUMMY, culinary delights, from finger food to Champagne tree to barbecue, as well as attractions, like the animation program for the kids and the raffle for the parents, were the highlights of the event days. And the lucky winner of the top price won a trip with a helicopter, branded in the colors and logo of Bostoen, directly at the face of the event!

©Text/Photos: Jensen Production | JJproduction